Prevent & Counter Terrorism Awareness

Course overview

Course Description

Prevent is a vital part of our counter -terrorism strategy to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

Prevent forms part of the Government’s Counter Terrorism Strategy CONTEST. The vast majority of people living in this country do not support terrorism. However, there are those who seek to promote extremist and terrorist ideologies. They also look to radicalise and recruit vulnerable people, cause fear and harm our communities.

These threats come from a range of sources including International Terrorism (for example Al Qa’ida and like-minded groups), Northern Ireland Related Terrorism and Domestic Extremism (for example far right extremists).

Working to prevent terrorism is about challenging these ideas and those who promote them. Together with the Police and partners work to support those individuals and institutions that may be vulnerable through projects such as community programmes, discussion forums, educational and recreational activities.

The session aims to outline local and national counter-terrorism activity, dispel myths that often exist and to give attendees an understanding of the Prevent referral process.

Target Audience

This session is suitable for any professionals to attend.

It will be especially useful for staff involved with safeguarding of children and supporting vulnerable adults, including those working in social care, substance misuse and mental health.

Upcoming Course Dates:

  • Monday 21st January, 2019 - FULL

Course Highlights

Learning Outcomes

* Understand Prevent locally and nationally

* Understand ‘Notice-Check-Share’

* Understand how individuals may be influenced and manipulated by others

* Understand local safeguarding and referral mechanisms

* Know who to contact for further advice and information

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