How it Started?

All my life I was told I was ugly and that my accent was weird and not normal. I felt that no one liked me and that I was alone. I used to wonder what was the point in me being here if no one liked me for who I was.

My Lowest Point?

My lowest point in my childhood life is when I was 14 and I felt that I had nothing at all. I used to get that upset that I decided to self-harm. I thought that this was the only way in life in which I could get rid of all the pain and anger that was inside me because of others.

Where I got Support?

However after two years of self-harm, I met a friend who was lovely and very helpful, they listened to everything that I did and what feelings I had when I self-harmed. They told me that they were here to help me in any way possible. They came to groups and counselling sessions to make me feel better. I think started to be more confidence and I accepted that my accent was brilliant to have as no one in the village had this. I became more popular with people and started to enjoy life.

Outcome and Message to Others?

My message to others would be that no matter how you may feel or what you might have gone through, somewhere anywhere they are people willing and waiting to help you and comfort you, as your life is important and should be kept for you to live and see it through.


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