Domestic Abuse

What Happened?

I remember when I was nine, my mum and dad was really lovely always laughing and smiling. They got on with each other all the time. Then one day things changed, my mum and dad would not speak to each other nor would they look at each other. When I was ten I remember my mum walking into the kitchen with a black eye, she told me that she walked into the door.

Things got worse!

When I was nearly eleven I remember that things became even worse in the house, my mum and dad would start shouting and fighting in front of me. Things were getting really bad and this made me feel upset and frustrated.

Where I got Help?

I went to school one day and I was really upset and angry, I can remember my teacher asking me why I was upset and looking down, I could not keep in it any longer. I eventually told my teacher why I was feel down and upset and she sat there comforting me. She rang the police as she thought that this would be the best option.

Outcome and Message to Others.

When the police got involved things started to become better, my mum and dad got the help that they needed and they started to become happy and smiling again. I got the help with my feels and my frustrations because of this and now it has made me happy and more cheerful. If I had to give any advice to anyone it would be “TO ALWAYS SPEAK TO SOMEONE AND TO NEVER FEEL SCARED TO OPEN UP TO ANYTONE, SOMEONE WILL HELP AND SOMEONE WILL LISTEN”.

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