Bullying hurts and being a victim of any kind of bullying feels really bad. And it’s important for you to know two things:

  • You’re NOT alone
  • It’s NOT your fault

So now that you know that, Look at the different kinds of bullying:

  • Homophobic
  • Racist
  • Classist
  • Lookist
  • Sexist
  • Religious
  • Xenophobic
  • Disabilist

The meanings for these can be found here.

How to get help:

  • Build your confidence – Try something new for the first time, write down something you like about yourself and do something nice for someone.
  • Practise being assertive – being able to stand up for yourself in a bully situation.
  • Block the bully – Block the phone number, unfriend or delete on social media and change the way you walk home after school.
  • Tell someone – tell a friend, tell an adult or tell a teacher.

Always remember to not:

  • Fight back
  • Reply to an abusive message

For more information about bullying please visit the websites below:

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